New at IWS
New at IWS

Official EASIGAS supplier of the Buffalo City Metro & Transkei

Induna Plant Hire


We provide the hire of a wide range of construction and engineering machinery available at daily and monthly rates.

Induna Plant Hire


Petrol 2-4 KVA
Petrol 5-6 KVA
Petrol 10 KVA - 220V
Diesel 4-6 KVA
Diesel 7-9 KVA
Diesel 15 KVA - 380V
Diesel 30 KVA - 380V
Diesel 37.5 KVA - 380V
Diesel 65 KVA - 380V
Diesel 120 KVA - 380V


Concrete Mixers

Petrol 250 Litre Drum Volume

Plate Compactors

Diesel Forward/Reverse



Pedestrian Roller 65
Pedestrian Roller 75

Fork Lifts

Diesel 2.5 Ton
Diesel 3 Ton



Electric Bosch
Electric Hilti

Compressors & Tools

Electric Compressor 100Litre
Electric Compressor 150Litre

Electric Compressor 200Litre

Water Pumps

2" Complete with Hoses (40-50mm)
3"/4" Sludge / Trash with Hoses
3" Complete with Hoses (75mm)
80m Air Complete with Hoses
Diesel Pumps
Submersible 32mm - 220V

Submersible 40mm - 12V
Submersible 50mm - 380V

Air Products